BitCarbon Chain

The largest decentralized environmental ecology platform

What is BitCarbon

A mainchain for Environmental ecology


We are developing a mainchain to support developers to deploy differenct decentralized applications on it.

A mainchain with HighPerformance


BitCarbon will support more than 100,000 tps,and muti-chain.The chain could be deploy at public and private environment.

Contribute to Mitigating Climate Warming


As we know the climate is warming in recent decades, we must do something to provent it,so this project is mainly designed to the environmental protection

Muti-Chain Support


BitCarbon could support muti-chain,base on this ,a lot things and business could be launched on this chian,for example,carbon trading.

Identity Solution


People are becoming more and more sensitive, more and more data are infringed, we must provide a technical means to protect people's rights and interests. Maybe BitCarbon is the right answer.

A lot more to do


There's much could not represent at this page ,for details,pls download our whitepaper.

About US

Global Team


All of us come from different countries/area,we are good at carbon trading and blockchain.

Top Experience


We developed a lot of chains base on different platform,ethereum,bitcoin,eos etc.

We developed carbon trading exchange system also.

Want Do


We're trying to build a Blockchain platfrom to support all kinds of DAPPs,especially about carbon and environmental issues. 

This chain will be global,nodes will be set at all over the planet, it's a pulbic chain like Ethereum,but it's performance will be improved.

Project Team

Piao Chiu



Mr Chiu is the director for the Hong Kong Emission Exchange, based in HK. Co-founded the Hong Kong Emission Exchange in May 2012, the leading trading platform in carbon. He has 15 years of experience in the emission trading field and 5 years of experience in renewable energy technology development. 

Joyce Wen



 Joyce has many years of successful investment and incubation experience in the energy industry. She joined the Hong Kong Emission Exchange in 2018. From 2018, Joyce had a burning desire to work in the technology sector, and decided to work more closely with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 

Lincoln Lung



One of the earliest people who build financial application on blockchian.

Expert in Blockchian and Carbon Trading.

Designed a new chaincode based on Ethereum.

Over 4 years' top ICT company's working experience.

Katrina Lai


Chief Scientist

Doctor of International Business Administration

Senior Market Person in Carbon Emission Trading Market

Ten years'experience in building carbon emission trading platform

Kingdom Yong


Senior Developer 

Experts in programming and blockchain

Developed several mainnet already

Good at Go and NodeJS language programming

Created two companies and gained over 3 million investment 

Sky Wong


 Chief Architect  

 Expert in Blockchain.

The earliest developer to build APP on Blockchain in China.

Attended the develop process of two mainnet of blockchain project.

Good at multi-language coding

Yuhua Zhu


Economic Expert

Zhu is an expert in agricultural economics and cultural media field and he worked as senior advisor for international and China companies in 

China and abroad and has got solid practical experience in planning Chinese-style agricultural and forestry products, farm-based recreation or agritourism. 

Canas Tu


Business Manager

 Canas is a visionary entrepreneur focused on building a sustainable global paradigm in business and communication. He graduated with information engineering degree and started to invest and research renewable energy and started his own business in 2017. 

Niou Lee


 Technical Advisor

Expert in system design

Working on Android system for many years.

Good at several lanuage programming and popular systems.

Working in Blockchain for over three years

Krista Stovall


Global Ambassador

Expert at  community ecosystem building.

Expert in blockchain and new project growing



Community Building Advisor

Who comes from  JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA, is a expert in Blockchainprogramming and popular systems.

Working in Blockchain for over three years

Laura Johnson


Senior Developer

Expert in programming and blockchain.

She have working on cryto-currencies for many years.

Support US

If you want join us or get more information,pls send email to us .

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Contact us

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We appreciate your support and we'll send 30,000 times BCT to your eth address for feedback.

BCT contract address is : 0x224d034306f95ad1d5566999f2a1f7f9beb9da7c

BitCarbonChain White Paper